Company's and organizations that support Trophy Hunting


Company's, Organizations and Public Figures that are affiliated with Trophy Hunting

- BASS PRO : Promotes Trophy Hunting

- CABELAS: Promotes Trophy Hunting

- SWAROVSKI OPTIC: Supplies Trophy Hunting Organizations

- DELTA SOUTH  Calgary Hosts Trophy Hunting Events

- ZEISS: Supplies Trophy Hunting Organizations

- NIKON; Supplies Trophy Hunting Organizations

- THOMPSONS SAFARIS: Promotes Trophy Hunting

- TRAVEL TIME: Has booth at Trophy Hunting Events

- Canadian Outdoor Sports Show in Edmonton



- Enterprise-Rent-A-Car 

- MANDALAY INN LAS VEGAS: Hosts SCI Slay and Pay Convention

- GO DADDY : Trophy Hunter

- JIMMY JOHNS (U.S): Trophy Hunter

- INYATHI SAFARIS:Promotes Trophy Hunting

- FURY HD BINOCCULARS: Supplies Trophy Hunting Industry

- NISKU INN EDMONTON: Hosts Trophy Hunting Events

- UNDER ARMOUR: Supports Trophy Hunting

- UPS: Ships Trophy Parts

- FED EX : Ships Trophy Parts

- WILD CRU: In cahoots with SCI

- HOLIDAY INN  SASKATOON :Hosts African  Trophy Hunting Events


- CANADA GOOSE:Uses coyote fur for trim on coats

- WWF (World Wildlfie Federation) In cahoots with SCI.

- KAWASAKI: Donates items to Safari Club International

- Matthew McConaughey (movie star)

Owns a game farm for Trophy Hunting

- UNDER ARMOUR: Supports Trophy Hunting