Dedicated to banning Trophy Hunting of  wildlife globally

Recent successes of advocates

Advocates around the world have made great strides in changing public views on the exploitation of wildlife, and have changed the way in which society views wildlife in general. We believe it is our role to bring awareness to the politicians and the public about issues they may not be familiar with, resulting in positive changes in knowledge, attitudes, awareness, and actions toward wildlife. Because of people like you, France has banned lion trophy imports, Britain is banning trophy imports in 2017, 40 airlines have taken a stand to stop the transport of animal trophies,In November, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Global Anti-Poaching Act to enhance and support protection to combat wildlife trafficking, Australia has banned lion body parts from entering or leaving their country, the Netherlands have enforced the strictest ban on Trophy Hunting ever, the U.S. has finally listed lions on the Endangered Species list, protecting them and making it more difficult to bring lion trophies back to the country,Romania has just banned Trophy Hunting, Costa Rica banned Trophy Hunting back in 2012. These are major victories, and the ripple effect is still being felt which reflects not just concern in the trophy hunting controversy or big cats, but in wildlife preservation in general.

Your Voice Is Needed!




Canada is the world’s biggest exporter, by a very wide margin, of wildlife killed purely for trophy. Most of that trophy is exported into to the USA. Trophy hunting in Canada is regulated at the provincial level and that is where change must come from initially.


We are asking that all Canadians submit an email to their provincial MLAs today demanding that the laws be changed in their respective province and territory for trophy hunting to be banned.

Sample letter to send to your MLA below.We ask that BTH be copied all letters to the MLAs at and  ask that you encourage others to also write their MLA’s. Contributions are welcomed and appreciated.




The contact information of all MLA’s is found in the list below. 



Other ways to get involved

  • Make financial contributions

  • Organize and work at the events

  • Gathering intelligence

  • Help with social media

  • Liaison with main stream media 

  • Solicit contributions

  • Skill sets such as Information Technology , Accounting , Legal , Communications , Experience with non-profits , etc.

  • Tech for sound and lights at the lecture venue

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  • Find a sponsor. Put together a great sponsor proposal. It has to be completely compelling. The person you show that proposal to has to show it to accounting to get approval. In addition, be aware that there's a certain format for how the proposal should look. Start with a story. It could be your story, or the story of someone else, whatever you do, tell a story. This will get your proposal to stand out and make an emotional connection.There will be a person in the company you approach who's going to make a decision about sponsoring you.  Always follow up.

Dear _____________________________, MLA;


I am a constituent in your riding and I am part of a movement to ban trophy hunting in this province. 


Trophy Hunting is defined as the killing of wildlife for fun, ego and or profit. There is no place in today's society for this archaic, barbaric and cruel practise to continue. Over 80 % of Canadians are opposed to trophy hunting, with the majority of Canadians indicating that they would vote for a politician that would support legislation banning trophy hunting. The NDP were recently elected in the province of BC with one of their platform items being to ban the senseless trophy hunting of grizzly bear.


Our movement does not accept the argument from the hunting industry that trophy hunting is a form of conservation and that it benefits the economy, when eco-tourism has proven to inject more into the local economy’s than Trophy Hunting ever will. The fact of the matter is that trophy hunting is extremely detrimental to the well being of wildlife, and that the tax payer actually subsidizes the hunting industry.


Where do you stand on this issue? Please do not respond with a form letter and no ambiguity thank you. Kindly reply to me in writing with you and your party’s position on trophy hunting in our province so I may know where my vote will go in the next provincial election. 




Your Name